Annual Military Inspection (AMI)

AMI is an annual event held in the Lassiter gym, in which the Unit is inspected by the Commander of NJROTC for our local area (Department of the U.S. Navy). It is conducted to ensure that the Unit operates and maintains U.S. Navy standards. 
ALL cadets in issued uniform are inspected for:

  • Proper wearing of the Navy uniform (cover, appearance of uniform, insignia, name tag, medals, ribbons, shoes, shiny belt buckle, and polished/shined leather shoes
  • Personal appearance (hair appearance & cut to U.S. Navy standards, clean shaven)
  • Knowledge – General U.S. Navy knowledge, General Orders & Chain of Command
  • Classrooms, Unit Offices, Unit Supplies & files are inspected & audited
  • The semi-formal inspection includes an exhibition of armed Color Guard & unarmed drill followed with a “Pass and Review” parade of the entire Unit.

Parents and family members are highly encouraged to attend the Pass and Review portion of the inspection, which includes parade march and demonstrations by the various drill teams. The cadets work incredibly hard leading up to this event and appreciate seeing their parents/family cheering from the stands.

Any current or former Military personnel are highly desired and encouraged to volunteer to assist in preparing the cadets for inspection prior to as well day of AMI. It’s an opportunity to be a positive influence & mentor these young cadets and pass the torch of knowledge, experience & military tradition.
Date: October 12, 2023
Location: Lassiter High School Gym
Time: 0900
Lunch is provided for cadets and special guests only.

Important Practice Dates to Remember:

AMI Practice at Lassiter HS

  • All schools will be there 0930-1330 approx. Buses will take and pick up students from Kell and Pope HS
  • Bring your own lunch (or money to buy your lunch and drinks. Cadets from Pope and Kell cannot use their School ID to purchase lunch.  
  • Parents are welcome to come and help in the gym and in the classroom. A SignUpGenius will be sent out as the date gets closer to AMI.


  • Parents asked to help out in the classroom at 7:45 AM. A SignUpGenius will be sent out as the date gets closer to AMI.
  • All parents welcome for the Pass-In-Review phase of AMI.  This will be approximately 1015-1130. 
  • Buses will pick up and return students to Kell and Pope HS.

****All male cadets cannot have hair touching their ears. This is regulation.  
****Also no longer than 1 in. on the top, per 1st Sgt.
​****Get a haircut if needed.